Introducing Brave Wealth

Embark on an exciting wealth-building adventure with Brave Wealth, our newly established investment club. We're not just about numbers; we're about crafting a legacy of prosperity and meaning for you and your loved ones. 

Imagine a stokvel that got private school education.

Who should hop on board?

  • If you have disposable income yearning for a purpose
  • If you aspire to build enduring wealth for yourself and your family
  • If you're eager to empower yourself financially
  • If you crave discussions with like-minded individuals, asking all the right questions, then this is your place.

What's on the agenda?

  • Dive into the world of investments and their empowering potential
  • Monthly gatherings to explore diverse funds and investment opportunities, expanding our knowledge and portfolios
  • Invest in opportunities that pique our interest.


Because we're shaping our financial destiny! Investment is about more than just making money last a lifetime. It is about enabling a meaningful life for you and your family - today and tomorrow, and once you’re gone.  

If you would like to join us on this journey, click here to fill out this quick form.


We hosted our first and very imtimate Brave Wealth session on 15 May 2024 with 10 ladies who put their hands up to be part of a test evening to gauge flow and format.

Seanagh Fannin from Carrick Athena joined us to present and take open questions from an array of backgrounds - giving us the 101 of Inesting, and the current economic lay of the land as South Africans. It was a fantastic and valuable experience!

Seanagh shared some eye-opening stats with us, highlighting the importance of financial independence, especially for women. Did you know that 74% of us are likely to outlive our partners by 5-7 years? It's a sobering thought, but it's also a call to action for us to take charge of our financial futures.

We delved into the 50/30/20 financial principles - a simple yet powerful framework. Remember, 50% of our income goes towards needs, 30% towards wants, and crucially, 20% towards our future selves. And here's the key: that 20% should be prioritized and set aside first, before anything else. It's all about securing our financial well-being down the line.

Our discussions were robust and thought-provoking, signaling a great start to our journey together. We're breaking free from the fear and silence surrounding money, and stepping into a space where we can openly discuss and learn.

For those who want to take a look at some of the insights, Seanagh's YouTube channel is a treasure trove of information. 

Check out her Investing 101 video to kickstart your investment journey.

Here's to empowering ourselves and each other on our financial paths.

Sending love and strength always x