Our Best Intentions

Have you ever really thought about intentions?
What they are, mean or contribute to us?

We all know that sometimes even with the best intentions situations can go wrong, your words can be misunderstood, your thoughtfulness can feel like meddling and even with all the goodness in the world (and in your intention), you’re left feeling flat.

Well. We’re here to say two things:

  1. Take a little time to truly consider and think out your intent, and importantly the probable outcome of it.
  2. After taking stock of your intent, if you’re happy with it, STICK TO IT. Feel out your truth and grow from the positive and negative experiences along the way.

Why do we say this?

  • Your inner peace when following your gut and acting with kindness will serve you long after you’ve broken your own boundaries to satisfy someone or something that felt off.
  • If speaking, living, loving, and interacting with certain people leaves you feeling empty, judged, or a general sense of not belonging… Those are not your people! And it is an imperative that you find (and continue to find as you evolve) your people. Day-to-day life without support and feeling seen is a lonely place no one can thrive from.
  • It’s no coincidence that the words intention and medicine in the definition above are strongly linked to the process of healing a wound. Setting intentions, being purposeful and being focused on the body, mind, and souls’ natural ability to seek healing means that the closer you get to your truest intention the greater your self-awareness and ability to put thoughts into action and better your life’s satisfaction.

And so, as we head into that “end of year craziness” take that moment to yourself, write it in your phone notes and hold yourself to creating some positive intentions with kindness, clarity and determination in your gut.

  • Intentions for 2023: what do YOU need in order to finish strong?
  • Intentions for holidays: reconnection (to self and others), gifting, rest, joy?
  • Intentions for 2024: abundance, love, activities, goals?
  • Intentions for the future: what do YOU truly want?

Let our unabandoned intentions help us finish STRONG and start even STRONGER.
We got this.

Love always, your Brave Tribe…
Perri, Taryn, Unathi
and Shannon

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